"Terroir is the genetic heritage of great wines. But it is passionate people, through rigour & persistence, that sublimate & elevate it…"

The "haute couture" of wine! Within our 2,900 hectares of vineyards lie some absolute gems: plots of vines so remarkable for the quality of their soil, grape varieties or orientation. We have chosen to set them apart and create exceptional cuvées that best express the particularities of their terroir. 


"Wines that can be served on any occasion and give the best possible reflection of their appellation - that is the promise of our Rhonéa 'Signature’ range"

Here, we’re talking ‘absolute classics’! Each cuvée must provide the best possible representation of the appellation through its main characteristics: Rasteau and its old Grenaches which bring structure and roundness; Visan and its geographical location for wines on the fresh side; Gigondas and its micro-climate which gives elegant tannins... And because these wines are primarily intended for the table, final blends are tasted & approved by local Chefs.


"A ticket to the most beautiful villages of France with vineyards just waiting to be discovered!"

Often perched atop hills, where vines have flourished between terraces and alluvial plains since Roman times, these Villages are inseparable from their vineyards. Each one has its own personality, history and terroir and none of them can substitute for another: Visan, Séguret, Vaison-la Romaine... Try these little treasures that are still accessible before they reach one day the coveted rank of ‘Cru’. 

Domaine Paparotier - Claude & Pierre Chabran


"One family, one terroir, one story" "

Each of our Estate wines exists to highlight a specific technique or terroir. Behind each cuvée is a winegrower, a family, with a story to tell... 


“Thinking outside the box to offer wines that are accessible to all”

Our Creations are all about shaking things up, demystifying wine appreciation and simply having a good time without complicating things. You don't need to know anything about wine to appreciate them: varietal wines, sparkling with fine bubbles, Orange wine or bottles with offbeat packaging... They all have one thing in common: they have to be enjoyed with friends while putting the world to rights!


"Traditional know-how, unique products”

Do you like the deliciously retro and artisanal side of Lillet and St Germain beverages? Then you’ll love our Natural Sweet Wines! They are so much more than their nice but old-fashioned image as a drink grandmothers would sip as an aperitif on a Sunday, offering an incredible range of aromas: fruity, floral, toasted, roasted... And they can be enjoyed in so many ways: on the rocks, in cocktails, as a digestif or with a starter, a cheese platter or a dessert!