our values
acting responsibly
from vine
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ETHIC & sustainable

With great confidence in the growth of local and sustainable winegrowing, we put social responsability and environmental protection at the heart of our cooperative project.

We are a founding member of  "Vignerons Engagés/Sustainable Winegrowing", the French wine industry's first sustainable development quality label, created in 2010.

On a day-to-day basis, this philosophy translates into practical, quantifiable and measurable commitments, including the following:

  • 68% of our vineyards are HVE3 certified (High Environmental Value)
  • 20% of our vineyards are certified organic or in the process of transition 
  • 98% of our bottles are "eco-designed" with lighter weight, saving 115 tons of glass per year
  • 98% of our industrial waste are sorted and & 100% of our organic waste are recovered
  • 840 solar panels are installed on the roof our wineries, producing enough electricity each year to power 233 homes
  • 100% of our rosé & white wines, 98% of our red wines and 95% of our Natural Sweet Wines have sulphite levels that are below or equal to the authorised limits in organic farming.

certified approaches,
proven commitment

Rhonéa has given itself the means to behave ethically, fairly and transparently through an ambitious CSR policy that is continually reviewed.
Each quality label stamped on our bottles is proof of our commitments:

High environmental value - hve

This certification promotes more environmental-friendly practices.

This is a first step that helps our Artisans Winegrowers, with the help of our technical teams, to start engaging in concrete practices to promote biodiversity and reduce inputs.

HVE certification also makes it possible to formalise practices that are already in place.


20% of our land is currently certified organic or in the process of transition and this percentage increases every year.

The transition to organic farming is a real commitment taken by our winegrowers: it means changing habits, more interventions in the vineyards and therefore, additional work and costs.

Rhonéa is keen to support its Artisans Winegrowers through these changes, providing them with financial and technical support.

Our goal for 2030: 100% of our Rhonéa-branded wines to be organic.

biodynamic winegrowing - Demeter

Biodynamics is an additional certification, involving an understanding of nature, plants, animals and man.It promotes the laws of the natural world and the establishment of more autonomous agricultural ecosystems.

Within Rhonéa, two Artisan Winegrowers are experiencing this type of viticulture for more than 20 years with great success: Michel Chassillan - Domaine Miramont and Olivier Brès - Domaine de la Pertiane.

The expertise of these two colleagues and above all, friends, gave us the idea to create a ‘4 hands’ vintage: IGP Miramont.


Premier label RSE et durable dédié au monde du vin en France, Vignerons Engagés s'appuie sur un cahier des charges exigeant et une vision basée sur 4 piliers :

Agir pour l'environnement - Garantir une qualité du vin au verre - Soutenir le patrimoine local - Offrir le juste prix au consommateur et au producteur.

Nous, Artisans Vignerons, sommes fiers d'être membre fondateur de ce label qui prouve notre engagement, non seulement sur les questions environnementales mais aussi sociétales et économiques.

En faisant le choix d’une bouteille signée Rhonéa, vous participez au développement d’une viticulture durable et juste