the strength of our regional roots

A cooperative is by its very nature linked to a particular area. Ours extends over the entire Vaucluse department, from the edge of the Drôme Provençale to Mont Ventoux.
With 400 artisan winegrowers and 130 employees, Rhonéa and our wineries are a vital part of the local landscape. For nearly a century, our activity has ensured a qualitative viticulture, the preservation of our landscapes, the promotion of ancestral know-how and the dynamism of local life.

Playing a part in local development

The vines of our artisan winegrowers shape the landscapes that locals and tourists admire all year round. Participating in the development of the activity around our wineries is a priority. 
Over the years, we have developed close ties with restaurants, hotels, bed and breakfasts and local businesses. Like us, these local players contribute to the creation of value and jobs. We are committed to preserving this sustainable win-win relationship, in which we are all each other's customers and suppliers. That is why you will find our wines not only in our shops but also in many other establishments in the Vaucluse department.P

contributing to the regioN's influence

Another way we make our presence in the region felt, is through sponsorship and partnerships. We are pleased to be an official partner of the "Orchestre national Avignon Provence". We also support blood donation events every year as well as the annual events of numerous local associations and clubs.

Finally, we are especially proud to have created Rhonéa Vignobles. This collective, ethical and responsible project was started in 2016 with an ambitious objective: to preserve wine-growing heritage and encourage young winegrowers to set up in our region. The gamble has now paid off with nearly 40 hectares already bought and more than 1000 members!